Moving home

with mooveit

Moving house can be stressful. You’ve got so much to think about – timings, lifting things, finding things, cleaning things. So why not let Mooveit share the load? By booking your home move with Mooveit, we’ll take care of the big stuff (your sofa, washing machine, so you have more time to think about the fun stuff (what colour wallpaper you’ll buy and where to put the fairy lights).

house removals

Moving appliances?

Here at Mooveit we move anything and everything. Our Team are professionals in moving things, especially the big and the bulky. We can even expertly move items, including appliances. Our team are trained in helping you move anything from a fridge to an old worn-down oven!

included in our team are fully qualified plumbers and electricians so if you need help disconnecting the washing machine or want to take some of your electrical fittings we’ve got that covered for you just ring us in advance so it can be arranged.

Thinking of hiring a van?

Are you looking to move home? Getting rid of some old worn-down furniture? Or simply cleaning out your man cave? Well, we know you may first think about hiring a van, but surely not when you can book us! Renting a van is lot of hassle. From having to book it, fill it up with fuel, and get from A to B, hiring a van takes up one of your valuable days off. So why not hire a man and van? Two for the price of one!

man & van services Moove It

get it delivered by us!

Looking for a reliable courier service for you or your business can be hard. From having to call them up and negotiating a price, to hoping that they arrive on time; it can be a hassle. But not with Mooveit! With a whole team of drivers located across the UK, we are never short of a courier. With instant tracking, we can get your things from A to B without a hiccup.

ebay deliveries Moove it

Moving something a bit bigger?

If you are looking to move more than a simple parcel or package, why not use us as your large item courier? Here at mooveit we move anything and everything, so why not give us a go! Simple, fast, and convenient; without the need to pick up a phone and organise a complicated move. perfect!

furniture and large items

Motorbike & Moped Transport

Here at MooveIt, we recognise that moving motorbikes is serious business. They are incredibly valuable, so why settle for a naff courier service? Our Team will help transport your beloved bike with care. From Lands End to Your Bikes New Home, we will get your engines revving!

As a Team, we have Plenty of drivers across the country who can help transport your motorbike from A to B. Get a free instant quote and forget the hassle of finding a suitable and reliable courier. We’ve Got It Coverd!


we even do car recovery!

we have multiple recovery trucks and partnerships around the country so we can make sure we can get your car recovered at a reasonable price!

Hiring your own trailer and securing your vehicle inside it is a risky, time-consuming job if you don’t have previous experience; one sharp stop too many on the motorway could have disastrous effects on your vehicle if it isn’t fastened correctly. When you choose MooveIt, you get an expert fleet with the best tools in the trade. We have a range of transporters, from single car, multi-car to enclosed car transporters, so we can guarantee that no job is too big or small.

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